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Kindle 3G began shipping today

August 25, 2010

The Kindle 3G began shipping two days earlier than originally promised.  However, the shipping date for customers who pre-purchase is “on or before September 17th”–which is the 2nd time the shipping date has been pushed back due to heightened demand.

If you are a current Kindle 2 owner and want to try to avoid buying the newest generation for as long as possible, stay clear of the reviews–where you will find quotes such as this from Fast Company:

It’s still black-and-white, but really, that’s for the best. The screen almost glows outdoors. In comparison to the iPad, which turns into a pretty but useless mirror in sunlight, the Kindle only gets more readable. This is a gadget that loves the beach.

Meanwhile, iPad supplies have caught up with demand–this based on analysis of shipping times and availability at Best Buy.  Shipping rates have dropped from May’s 5-to-7 business days, down to 3-to-5 days last week, and down to 1-to-3 business days as of two days ago.  Barclays Capital produced this nice graph of the various iPad/iPod models’ availability at Best Buy (notice the huge jump in the last few weeks):

iPad availability at Best Buy

So what does it mean that iPad supplies are increasing? In short, only Apple knows–price has not changed, so either the demand curve or the supply curve has “shifted.” In other words, sales have either cooled a bit or Apple figured out how to increase production by 100 percent in the last week.

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  1. August 26, 2010 4:40 pm

    I already got my kindle wifi-only, via
    I’m very impressed and happy.

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