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Introducing the 3rd generation Kindle

July 29, 2010

After much speculation, the newest 6″ Kindle has been announced.

The big changes:

  • Weight drops from 10.2 to 8.7 ounces
  • Physical dimensions reduced 21%–from 8 x 5.3 x .36 in to 7.5 x 4.8 x .34
  • “50% greater contrast than any other e-reader”
  • Page turns are 20% faster
  • Battery life increased from 2 weeks to 1 month (10 days with wireless left on)
  • Memory increased from 2GB to 4GB
  • Improved browser
  • Rubberized backing
  • Available in white or graphite

There will be 2 models: a $139 Wi-Fi Kindle and a $189 Wi-Fi + 3G Kindle.  You can pre-order now, but both models will not ship until August 27.

Early review are quite posititve:

  • PC World – “As soon as I took the Kindle in hand, I knew that this Kindle marked new territory.”
  • – “The build quality and materials used did seem slightly more polished than the previous version, and we really liked the new, more subtle rocker. We can also attest to screen refreshes and overall navigation feeling noticeably more responsive and snappy compared with the previous generation.”
  • MSNBC – “…it also helps curb comparisons with the iPad: The further apart the two are in price, the less likely there can be a credible comparison. I recently argued that e-book readers would be best served sticking to their core purpose — delivering the calm, distraction-free experience of reading books in digital form — keeping their prices low and steering clear of extraneous features. That’s what Amazon has done here. At this price, it’s not too crazy to think of iPad and Kindle as a pair, especially since any book you buy through Amazon is readable on either device (and a slew of others).”
  • – “The most incredible part is the insane battery life which provides a month of usage sans and 10 days with the wireless.”
  • – “Amazon’s strategy is as sensible as any I can think of for the Kindle–make it more like a book and even less like an iPad, thereby catering to all the folks who want the equivalent of a (relatively) cheap, highly portable digital paperback rather than the costlier do-it-all device that is Apple’s tablet.”
  • – (from a well-known e-reader hater) “Like the reptile that inhabits the namesake river and has outlived its Cretaceous ancestors, Amazon and its Kindle will remain the sole survivor of the eReader Apocalypse.”

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