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Reports of Kindle’s death have been greatly exaggerated

July 19, 2010

Amazon issued a press release today touting the news that for the past 3 months, sales of Kindle-edition books have outsold hardcover-edition books.  They also added that the sales growth-rate of the Kindle device has tripled since the recent price decrease.

Notes about the e-books numbers:

  • 143 Kindle books sold for every 100 hardcover books; for the previous month alone, the ratio is 180 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books
  • These numbers DO NOT include free Kindle books
  • These numbers include ALL hardcover books–even those with no equivalent Kindle edition

The techie websites–you know, the guys who have been predicting the death of the Kindle ever since the iPad was announced–really don’t know what to think (see here; here; here).  They really cannot understand why someone would want a black & white ereader that doesn’t do anything but facilitate reading (well, there is Kindlepad).

Hopefully, publishers are getting the message and will cease delaying Kindle-editions of new books as well as continue to release their backlists.  One of the first books I tried to purchase for my new Kindle was Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels. Six months later, it was finally released and I immediately purchased it–a sale that did nothing to cannibalize the paperback edition of the novel (since I have had this book for over a decade).

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