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Kindle 3 will still be a dedicated, black & white e-reader

June 1, 2010

If rumors that surfaced this past weekend are true, then Mr. Bezos has gone “all-in” with his gambit that e-readers and tablets are two distinct markets.

Ever since the media iPad onslaught, many of us have been making the argument that, not only is the iPad not an e-reader, but that it fails in many respects in comparison to the Kindle. However, this has not dissuaded the media or tech community from their overwhelming viewpoint of the iPad as a “Kindle-killer”–thus they have concluded that, in order for the Kindle to survive, future generations of the device must:

  • Have a color display
  • Become an all-in-one media player
  • Utilize a touchscreen

So, how has Mr. Bezos, reportedly, responded to these “demands”?

  • No color
  • No multi-function/media device
  • No touchscreen

This will throw the argument right back into the media’s face, who will have to either write that the man behind the internet’s greatest success story is insane and determined to drive his company into bankruptcy, or accept that maybe there really is a need for a dedicated e-reader.

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  1. Steve permalink
    December 10, 2010 10:19 pm

    As an iPad owner and ebook reader, I just bought my wife a Kindle 3… Boy, after setting it up, it sure makes me envious of that beautiful screen. The iPad is nice and fast, for sure, but I agree with you that there is nothing like that eInk display… Beautiful!

    I think Mr. Bezos is probably OK on this one.


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