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13 Reasons iPad owners need a Kindle, too

May 15, 2010

A writer, from a tech publication, Computerworld, offers 13 reasons why iPad owners still need a Kindle for their ereading (full article here):

  1. Reading in the sun.
  2. Overheating
  3. Security
  4. Reading before sleep
  5. Battery life
  6. Book availability
  7. Magazine availability
  8. Weight
  9. Multiple users
  10. Peace
  11. Multitasking
  12. Auto-reader
  13. Free mobile broadband

Nothing is new here–especially to us Kindle owners who have been frustrated with the media’s lack of understanding about what the Kindle IS (as opposed to what it does not DO).

I would add that reading an ebook on the Kindle, like a real book, allows one to escape the distractions that our surroundings (or, in the case of the iPad, the device itself) try to  impose upon us.

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