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Newsweek goes all in for the iPad

March 27, 2010

Right away I could see how I would use it. I’d keep it in the living room to check e-mail and browse the Web. I’d take it to the kitchen and read The New York Times while I eat breakfast. I’d bring it with me on a plane to watch movies and read books.

That may not be life-changing, but is it worth 500 bucks? Yup. Done. Sold.

A very hard-hitting piece of journalism, as you can imagine.  He could have asked the questions: “What happens if people buy the iPad for its hardware, but choose to get its content, such as eBooks, from other providers, such as the Kindle Store?  Has Apple built into its iPad pricing (i.e. subsidized the cost of the hardware) the assumption of future profits from sales from its iBook store?”

And then there is a companion article–a byline with which I would have to disagree:

Turning the Page

The future of reading is backlit and bright.

The book is dead, I keep hearing as I sit writing yet another in a room lined with them…..And despite the direst predictions, reading continues to be part of the life of the mind, even as computers replace pencils, and books fly into handhelds as well as onto store shelves. Anton Chekhov, meet Steve Jobs.

Would not either of these two article offer a good opening to recall an earlier opinion from Mr. Jobs–he who predicted the failure of the Kindle because “people don’t read anymore.” I guess no one want to upset the “great one.”

The full magazine, created freely (collecting content publicly available on the Newsweek website) using the calibre software, is below.  It can also be purchased from the Kindle Store.

For those who want to sample this “short-form” reading, download to your Kindle this week’s edition of Newsweek (free):

Time - March 22, 2010

Newsweek, April 5, 2010 .mobi edition

Once you have added the file to your Kindle–either via direct download or transfer to the ‘documents’ folder to a Kindle plugged into the USB port of a computer or by clicking the link while reading this post on your Kindle–it should appear on your Kindle’s home screen at the top of your list of books.

Directions for Kindle for BlackBerry:

  • When asked if you wish to save the item, select ‘Yes”
  • In the ‘Save file’ dialog box, select the folder icon to explore to a new location.
  • Select ‘Device Memory’ -> ‘home’ -> ‘user’ -> ‘kindle’ -> ‘eBooks’
  • Open up Kindle for BlackBerry (note: if already open, close it, then re-open it). Your ebook will be included in the ‘Home’ screen.

For more information on navigating through a periodical on the Kindle, check out an earlier post for a thorough guide, on Kindle for Blackberry, check out this post.

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