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Video – Boomers leading the e-book revolution

March 19, 2010

Will 2010 be the “Year of the eBook”?

A good television news piece on e-books from the ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) leads with the title and byline:

Boomers leading the e-book revolution

Middle-aged women have astonised the publishing industry by leading the demand in the rapidly expanding e-book market.

Some passages from the piece that stood out in my mind:

“I don’t know how to Skype, I don’t know how to blog … but once I found out what I could do with this Kindle, I just couldn’t put it down.”

According to Michael Tamblyn, VP of content and sales with the Canadian digital publisher Kobo, Mrs Gray is the typical of the new e-reader’s demographic – the very group that was expected to fiercely resist giving up their hard copies.

“Who would have ever thought aging, squinting boomers would drive a new market for e-books?” he said.

More than half of e-book sales are made within the first 24 hours of the book’s release – sales that are lost forever if publishers delay digital release to try and sell their hardbacks first at a premium price.

And if you have a few minutes, watch the video of the segment:

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