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Kindle for Android?

March 14, 2010

Nothing in print (at least publicly) can be found anywhere with the words, “Kindle for Android,” in the same manner as “Kindle for BlackBerry” with its long tease and sign-up page on the Amazon website.  However, based on some inductive reasoning and a supposedly “leaked” promotional document.

And this all makes sense—for Amazon, increasing the number of devices that can sync and read Kindle eBooks helps its domination of the market; for Google (who has its own recent issues with Apple—read today’s NYT article, “Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal“), another way to step on Mr. Jobs.

First, the document (as produced by

Second, it has previously been confirmed that the upcoming Dell “Streak” (or “Mini 5”) will operate on the rapidly growing Google Android platform.

Therefore, if Amazon is developing its Kindle software for the Android platform, then there does not appear to be any reason (or motive) for them to not make available the “Kindle for Android” application for other Android-powered devices—particularly the smartphone market.

With a currently estimated 2nd Quarter 2010 release of the Dell device, one would expect a similar roll-out of the “Kindle for Android” application for other devices.


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