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Twitter, Facebook, Google….and Kindle?

March 12, 2010

The theme of this week’s Time magazine is “10 Ideas for the Next 10 years.”  I was struck by the opening of one of the 10 articles:

Forget Twitter and Facebook, Google and the Kindle. Forget the latest sleek iGadget. Television is still the most influential medium around.

Ignoring the premise of the article (that television is still what changes the world), one has to be struck by how mainstream a device owned by only 2 million people can be if its included with such heavyweights.  In other words, the ratio between those who know (rather, “should know,” as far as the media is concerned) about the Kindle and those who actually own a Kindle is considerably undersized….for now.

The full magazine, created freely using the calibre software, is below.  However, you will notice that the free Time is a tad less “clean” than other calibre-created periodicals—the articles are all included in their entirety, but slight nuisances such as page numbers, repeated images, and repeated bylines may appear.  The version purchased from the Kindle Store will be much “cleaner”.

But for those who want to sample this “short-form” reading, download to your Kindle this week’s edition of Time (free):

Time - March 22, 2010

Time, March 22, 2010 .mobi edition

Once you have added the file to your Kindle–either via direct download or transfer to the ‘documents’ folder to a Kindle plugged into the USB port of a computer or by clicking the link while reading this post on your Kindle–it should appear on your Kindle’s home screen at the top of your list of books.

Directions for Kindle for BlackBerry:

  • When asked if you wish to save the item, select ‘Yes”
  • In the ‘Save file’ dialog box, select the folder icon to explore to a new location.
  • Select ‘Device Memory’ -> ‘home’ -> ‘user’ -> ‘kindle’ -> ‘eBooks’
  • Open up Kindle for BlackBerry (note: if already open, close it, then re-open it). Your ebook will be included in the ‘Home’ screen.

For more information on navigating through a periodical on the Kindle, check out an earlier post for a thorough guide, on Kindle for Blackberry, check out this post.

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