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The Atlantic – article on Kindle vs IPad

March 9, 2010

This month’s Atlantic has an article about the Kindle vs. IPad “war.” Article can be found at the following link, while the entire magazine can be downloaded further below:


The article seems poised to conclude that the IPad will win, but then concludes near the end with:

…the Kindle is simply a better (and pricier) version of a book: lighter, thinner, and much easier to read with one hand. You use it the way you would use a book, on park benches and long airplane trips. The Kindle doesn’t do much of anything else, but it is an excellent book replacement.

The iPad does a bunch of things, but none of them especially well. You can’t read it in full daylight, and its battery life is much shorter than the Kindle’s. With no true built-in keyboard or ability to multitask, it’s not a substitute for a laptop—and unlike my iPhone, it won’t fit in a pocket, take pictures, or make calls. Unless you need it for one of a handful of specialty uses, it doesn’t replace anything you already have; it’s just one more thing to carry.

The eBook magazine was created freely using the calibre software (discussion of how to use this software will be in multiple future posts).

The “official” digital version can be purchased from the Kindle Store—with the ease with which one can acquire it wirelessly and automatically to one’s Kindle as soon as it is released, the $1.25 monthly price is certainly a bargain for fans of the magazine.

But for those who want to sample this “short-form” reading, download to your Kindle this week’s edition of The Atlantic (free):

The Atlantic - April 2010

The Atlantic, March 2010 .mobi edition

Once you have added the file to your Kindle–either via direct download or transfer to the ‘documents’ folder to a Kindle plugged into the USB port of a computer or by clicking the link while reading this post on your Kindle–it should appear on your Kindle’s home screen at the top of your list of books.

Directions for Kindle for BlackBerry:

  • When asked if you wish to save the item, select ‘Yes”
  • In the ‘Save file’ dialog box, select the folder icon to explore to a new location.
  • Select ‘Device Memory’ -> ‘home’ -> ‘user’ -> ‘kindle’ -> ‘eBooks’
  • Open up Kindle for BlackBerry (note: if already open, close it, then re-open it). Your ebook will be included in the ‘Home’ screen.

For more information on navigating through a periodical on the Kindle, check out an earlier post for a thorough guide, on Kindle for Blackberry, check out this post.

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