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One month of Kindlelove

March 2, 2010

It has been 1 month since I began this blog, and 2 months since I received my Kindle. From prior experience, I understand the difficulty in creating a new blog if the goal is more than publicizing one’s thoughts, but rather establishing an audience—particularly in a niche category that already has a significant presence (Kindle Nation Daily sits at #2 in Amazon’s top selling blogs). Therefore, to build exposure, I posted example ebooks of periodicals (to highlight different reading forms and demonstrate the potential of ebook software), conducted lengthy reviews of a new Kindle app and an upcoming Kindle accessory, campaigned for a new catchphrase (“What’s on your Kindle Bookshelf”), and made an opening salvo at the IPad-loving tech community.

I have a lengthy list of “How to” topics that will appear in future posts—the Instapaper guide is an example of the thoroughness I intend to include with each example.  The next guide will cover subscribing to blogs.

I would like to thank my fellow Kindle bloggers who have graciously linked to my website (which is currently the #1 driver of new visitors to the site) and reiterate that my focus will diverge significantly from their coverage.

And, finally, I offer my thanks to my charter subscribers—I appreciate your patience as I slowy ramp up the content. For you, as well as other readers, please submit any comments or suggestions by posting your ‘Comments’ on posts such as this one (note: your email address is hidden from public).

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