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A new blog

January 29, 2010

This is the first post of a new web log whose title and early theme will be the e-readers, but will morph into other topics, though still connected to–albeit through a certain number of degrees–this device on which I currently type. An owner of’s Kindle, my current exposure is limited to said e-readers, and while many posts will be specific to this device, there will be plenty of posts that owners or potential owners of other e-readers will find useful. I will be making the blog available for subscription in the Kindle store of–the aim being that a healthy batch of subscribers will prompt more regular posts.

It also may seem odd, even foolish, to be introducing a new blog with such a title on the heels of the introduction of Apple’s IPad–the so-called “Kindle killer” by a certain segment of the media–but as a subsequent post will argue, the IPad is far from such a lethal dagger.

However, this blog will not be a love-fest for the Kindle (title notwithstanding) in which all flaws or wants are glossed over. Nor will it be an attack on competing devices solely for the purpose of exulting the status of the Kindle. My Kindle was a gift and, therefore, while I am obviously limited in firsthand knowledge of the various devices (if other manufacturers want to remedy this, I will not object), I will not be susceptible to the cognitive dissonance that may affect the owners who purchased their Kindles themselves–especially those who paid $359 for the device.

Instead of wasting any more valuable real estate with the obligatory introductory post, on with the show…

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